Dysport Encino

Dysport Encino

How to keep aging phase under control

A youthful look is what mankind has been seeking for a very long time. Dysport is a medically tested and approved skin treatment that brings about a difference to your skin. This skin treatment is mainly composed of an active element called botulinum toxin type A that is injected into the skin especially the wrinkle-forming muscles. The end result of this injection is reduction of wrinkles and creation of a smoother and better skin. This sub-unit of botulinum toxin weakens the wrinkle-forming muscles in so doing removing chances of formation of lines and wrinkles; effective remedy for a young look.

This treatment operates in a mode that causes waning of muscles that form wrinkles on the surface of the skin. Weakening these muscles reduces the pressure that they inflict on the skin therefore wrinkles will be compressed for a flat and smooth skin. With time, the skin benefits more from this treatment thereby it doesn’t suffer any further wrinkling no matter how long you live. One amazing aspect of this treatment is the manner in which your skin will remodel without any negative impact depicted. This treatment is suitable for treating facial wrinkles; these are lines around the eyes and between the eyebrows.

This is an effective skin treatment due to the fast manner in which it works once injected. The results will begin to show as early as twenty four hours once immediately after the treatment has been activated and its processing begun. The treatment will fully transform your skin within a maximum of ten days which means it could be earlier than that depending on your skin. The effect of this treatment lasts more than five months, and as a result, proves to be an effective treatment for your skin for quite a long period. It is important to note that Dysport treatment is similar to Botox in a number of ways.

Besides sharing the same ingredient, the amount to be injected would differ and, it is not wrong to interchange the treatments if need arises. The only thing that you should ensure about is the professionalism of the physician performing this procedure on your skin. A professional will always know what needs to be done and the appropriate amounts needed to be injected into your skin. This treatment is an added advantage to you in case your skin fails to respond to Botox. It is a procedure that takes less than twenty minutes and you can continue with your normal activities.

The only thing that you need to avoid is rubbing your face after the treatment as it would interfere with the treatment. Dysport will not only give you a brow lift but also put your body under the safest treatment ever. Make a date with MedNet, a medical spa that has a high level of specialty in this kind of treatment and many others. The spa will give you a perfect skin treatment especially your facial so that you can face the world without feeling ashamed. It is a quality spa for quality medical services.