Spider Veins Removal Encino

Spider Veins Removal Encino

Spider veins are similar to varicose veins, but smaller. They typically start as tiny capillaries. When they emerge as spider veins, they look like red or blue squiggles on the skin. The most common places for them to appear is on the thigh, the ankle, and the calf surfaces. Spider veins can even appear in the face, where they create particularly strong cosmetic concerns. About 30% of adult women get spider veins at some point. Men get them too, but women’ shaved legs tend to make spider veins much more noticeable.

Most people who look for spider vein removal do so because they’re worried about the cosmetic issues associated with their condition. However, there may be associated symptoms that make treatment worthwhile as well: questions of aches, itching, heaviness, and night cramps. Feeder veins may be associated with a cluster of spider veins. They may even be linked to larger varicose veins.

There are generally 3 forms of spider veins. They may appear as a bunch of veins in a group, radiating outward like a spider — that’s where the name “spider veins” comes from. They might look like the branches on a tree. They may even appear as thin separate lines arranged in a linear pattern. Regardless of shape, spider veins serve no functional purpose in the body.

What causes spider veins? The main contributing factors are pregnancy, heredity, hormones, work, and weight gain. Pregnancy is a particularly common factor in spider vein formation because the hormones released tend to weaken vein walls while the overall blood volume increases. The combination of weakened vein walls and increased blood volume tends to distend veins or cause blood poling. Activities that require a lot of standing, sitting, or trauma can also play a big role in setting off spider veins.

How does spider vein removal work? The traditional treatment for spider veins is sclerotherapy. This involves injecting a solution into the veins, causing them to blanche and close. Sclerotherapy can, however, be quite painful, causing a feeling of burning.

Laser treatment is also available. It’s permanent and non-invasive — no needles are necessary. All laser spider vein removal requires is intense light. A laser system delivers a precisely measured dose of energy to the affected area of the skin, using a special hand piece that allows the practitioner to direct the energy exactly where it’s needed. The worst side effect is typically some bruising around the area that goes away within a few weeks. Once laser treatment has eliminated the spider veins, they won’t come back.

Laser spider vein removal is particularly effective where the veins are small, since it works by having the blood vessels absorb heat. The dark color of the spider veins (compared with the skin around them) means that only they are affected by the procedure. Absorbing heat causes the offending blood vessels to dissolve and get absorbed back into the body.

As effective as the treatment is on small and medium sized clusters of spider veins, it does however have its limits. Very tough or large clusters of spider veins may require a combination of laser and sclerotherapy to successfully treat the spider veins.


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